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Welcome to Report Your Contribution

Ethiopian Diaspora community members around the world have begun contributing to the Diaspora Trust Fund. Many are likely to have been using one or more of the  20 or so money transfer agencies to send their individual contribution. Each money transfer agent is expected to issue some form of payment receipt to the sender as evidence of receiving the money to be transferred to the officially designated Trust Fund  account in Ethiopia. Some, if not all, of the money transfer agencies also send SMS notification to the sender when, according to them, the transfer is completed. 

Unfortunately, neither having a payment receipt from the money transfer agency evidence of delivery of the money to the intended recipient (AKA the trustee), nor is an SMS text message from the same entity an objectively reliable source of evidence of delivery of the payment in full  for the contributing diaspora members (AKA the grantor).

In the absence of a mechanism that would enable the grantor and the trustee to objectively exchange payment information independently of the intermediaries (money transfer agencies and the bank in Ethiopia), the potential and temptation for abuse and misappropriation is unlimited.  The current process relies exclusively on good faith, assumed honesty and integrity of the intermediaries. This is never recommended in sound management and systems control processes and practices in an undertaking of this magnitude and needs to be addressed immediately.

This page is intended to serve as a temporary solution to address and fill the observed gap until a more comprehensive and sound integrated control systems and processes are put in place by the authorities in Ethiopia. The information collected is made readily available to the trustee in real time. 

This information won't be and shouldn't be made available to the intermediaries. The trustee, however, should use to leverage their position to hold the intermediaries accountable and to ensure complete and accurate delivery of the funds contributed by each diaspora member around the globe.

Use this page as your information bureau and register your contribution to the fund. There is no free credit report issued through this website. It is a free gateway to reporting your Ethio Diaspora Trust Fund payments to the authorities in Ethiopia. This is not a website for making contributions of any money. No solicitations or offerings are allowed!!


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